Our Story

My name is Sarah Hoffman. I am married to the love of my life, Jonathan Hoffman, and this is our story.


Jonathan and I both started college in August 2008. Jonathan was a business major, and I was early childhood education.  We met in psychology class our very first semester at Arkansas Tech.  It was a little hectic because it was a new town and experience for me. I was the first generation in my family to go to college.  Before I talk about how our relationship started, I want to go into my past relationships.

I am one of those sporty girls who have more guys friends than girls.  We just got along better. I had a “boyfriend” or two in high school I suppose.  If you count going out for a day or two dating.  Each time I would commit to a relationship, I would get these uneasy feelings about it.  I really can’t explain it very well other than it felt wrong.  I tried dating a couple of my best friends in high school, and after a day or two I just couldn’t handle being so uncomfortable.  I would break it off.

So in college, I went in thinking that I wasn’t going to really date unless there was a guy I planned on marrying.  Like I said before, Jon and I met in psychology class when he invited a bunch of people from our class to lunch. ( To this day, he will swear he never pointed at me because I dressed sporty and reminded him of one of his exes.) The lunch thing became a routine for our class.  I found that I was really starting to like Jon; he’s funny, outgoing, personable, and motivated… but he had a girlfriend back home…

I thought we could just be friends then (still hoping for more later), but I asked him for his phone number.  Forward, right?  I had a good excuse!  He had been to our bank in town, and I still hadn’t figured out where anything was.  He offered to show me, thus, number acquired. (:  He broke up with his girlfriend at the beginning of October, but we couldn’t start dating then anyway.  Remember, I had a no dating unless I was going to marry, right? And he had a rule to wait a month before dating anyone again.

Needless to say, I threw my rule out the window, but he held out.  We talked/text the entire month while I was waiting as impatiently as ever.  FINALLY!  On November 2, 2008 we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend!  It had been a while since I had a boyfriend, and in the back of my mind, I expected to start feeling uneasy about our relationship as I had the others.  It never happened.  We went through so many struggles as a couple because our social classes were very different.  However, we had learned a lot and have grew stronger together.  During finals in May 2011, after revisiting all our “first” places and a scavenger hunt, Jonathan got down on one knee outside the psychology building where we first met, and proposed.

Marrying Jonathan Hoffman is one of the happiest moments of my life.  The only thing I can attribute my uneasy feelings to is God.  He provided for me the perfect partner.


Sarah Hoffman

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