It’s taken me a little bit to get this up because I went on a spur of the moment vacation to Arizona with my siblings to see family, but here it is!


Branch Out is located here in Downtown Conway, AR. It is, by day, a cute, very stylish boutique, and by night, a paint bar for all ages, including the most untalented painters!  I asked to come in one weekend and just do some shooting of one of their paint sessions to help promote my business, but to also see what it’s about.

Branch Out hosts many different classes, anywhere from a fun, relaxing date night, to bring a friend free, to parent/child paint night, and more!  There are a couple different instructors that go through the painting process step by step and help any that may need it.  They have a variety of different paintings they do, too, so you don’t have to worry about painting the same picture more than once.  You can also host private parties! How cool is that?!  Don’t forget to check their calendar to keep up with what painting they are doing, when, and to register to save a spot.
I can’t wait to go and actually participate in the painting and drag my husband along for the fun.

Tomorrow night, Friday, July 24th, is ‘Bring a Friend Free’ and the painting is ‘Starry Starry Night’ which you can find pictured here.  That’s $35 for TWO people! You guys should jump on that deal while you can!

For those that participated in the Branch Out session on June 26, 2015, the gallery is ready for you to check out and order prints!  Just click below on the link.  If you would like a photographer at your event, you can contact me by clicking the “contact me” button below as well.  Thank you to all who participated and to Branch Out for your hospitality!

Sarah Hoffman

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