My brother Daniel and my sister-in-law Amanda have the most incredible baby story, and with their permission, I am able to share it through them.

Baby Story of Elisha Douglas Horine

Told by: Amanda Horine

My name is Amanda, and this is the story of how God blessed my husband and I with our adorable baby boy, Elisha. Please note that I do not wish to garner praise or sympathy but that I wholeheartedly hope that God’s love will be made apparent through this account.

My husband Daniel and I got married on March 27th in the year 2008. Like many couples, we wanted to be parents right away and prayed ernestly towards that endevour. After we had been praying for about two years, I began getting sick frequently with recurring urinary tract infections and pain in my abdomen after eating. After two years of consulting with different doctors and specialists, I was told that I had interstitial cystitus. This meant that I would have to follow a strict diet of blandĀ  food and would likely struggle with infections for the rest of my life. During this time I became disheartened and wavered greatly in my faith. I had always wanted to be a mother and pregnancy sounded impossible under such conditions. I still loved God, but this caused me a lot of emotional turmoil.

Around the summer of 2012, I found a bible study guide written by Kenneth Hagin that had been given to me by a friend. I picked it up and read it on a whim. Inside, I found hope and resolve. Mr. Hagin believed that no matter how much faith you had, as long as you believed that Jesus loved you and that he could heal, then you would be healed. Encouraged, I prayed to be healed and proclaimed that on God’s time I was already healed. To put it simply, God healed me. All of my symptoms disappeared, and I felt great. January of the following year, Daniel and I attended a revival with David Hogan. He is quite well known for his faith. We asked him to pray with us that we would have a baby, so we prayed together then and there. However, a few months passed and nothing happened. Perhaps we were wrong, we thought. I resolved to be thankful for what I had and stopped worrying. July came, and I got sick. Convinced I had the flu, I went to the emergency room. The doctor walked in and told us we were pregnant. We looked him straight in the eye and confidently told him, “No, your test must be wrong. Can you do another one?” After an amused look, he agreed and came back with the new results from a blood test this time.”You’re not only pregnant, you’re very pregnant,” he said.

To our delight, he was right. On March 8th, 2014, ourĀ  healthy baby boy was born. We named him Elisha Douglas. (Elisha is a prophet in the Bible and we used Douglas after Daniel’s father). Elisha is the happiest baby we have ever seen and a constant reminder of God’s love and kindness. To us, he is the best person in the whole world.

<3 Amanda Horine

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